Only God Forgives

It is only halfway through Only God Forgives and people are getting up to leave. An especially violent scene is playing out on the big screen up ahead and it seems to be proving too much for some...

Erik Jones: Contemporary Art, Contemporary Artist

Gloobbi recently talked with New York based contemporary figure artist Erik Jones on his transition from illustration to fine art, and the independence...

Trance: Danny Boyle

Fans of 90's Danny Boyle films- heady, grimy tales from nowhere nobodies- might be disappointed by his latest film Trance which aims...

ArtZuid Amsterdam

Have you ever wanted art to be freely displayed in your everyday life? Or imagined your monotonous neighbourhood being transformed...

Magazine Culture: The Hyman Archive

Towers of magazines, zines and newspapers: seemingly endless amounts of information to be interpreted and trends to be tracked...

Quick Fire With Illustrator Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell is an American illustrator who has made a name from his bold and playful prints and album art work for the likes of Iron...

Mike Kelley: The Works That Survive The Legend

Ahead of his time in many respects, American contemporary artist Mike Kelley produced a prolific collection of works falling into all manner...



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Three Wise Men Pendants

One of the new designs Channels is launching in Milan 2013 is a trio of pendant lights called Three Wise Men. Designed by Samuel Chan

Songdo: Tomorrow City

Away from the neon explosion of Seoul and west into the port city of Incheon is a suburb, Songdo, that challenges all of Seoul’s ultramodern

Ron Mueck: In the Flesh in Paris

Realism is a subject of hot debate in the art world. Critics of the genre claim that when art brushes too close to reality there is no added value

Chicken-Liver Crostini

Anna Di Bene, Oltranti’s grandmother, never let anything go to waste in her kitchen in Lucca, Italy. Whenever she cooked chicken

Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

Last week saw the opening of graffiti artist Barry McGee’s traveling retrospective at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). McGee

Ma Wan, Hong Kong

At first sight this tiny island, one of the many which make up the Hong Kong archipelago, seems little more than a base to anchor the massive

The Gentrification of Berlin

This is not the first time we have seen the process of gentrification take hold. With the ever-increasing wanderlust of the world’s population

What To Do When You Don’t Know…

Author Paul Brown recently put a piece together for Forbes Magazine entitled “What to Do When you Don’t Know What to Do: A Case Study.” The article

Louviers Music School

The antique convent of the Penitents, in the city center of Louviers -Normandy, is a very exceptional example of “cloister on water,” made

City Spotlight: Temple, Paris

The northern Marais has been long established as one of the trendiest areas of Paris, a far cry from the tourist swamped streets of Rue de Rosiers


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