Quick Fire With Illustrator Nathaniel Russell


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Quick Fire With Illustrator Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell is an American illustrator who has made a name from his bold and playful prints and album art work for the likes of Iron and Wine. He is currently based in Indianapolis and will be showing his work in a group exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery, in New York, in July and a solo exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art in June. We caught up with him to shoot a few quick fire questions:

-What is one working tool that you could not do without?

A pencil or a brush or some kind of mark-making thing or writing instrument. I write things down and draw pictures a lot.

-What is on you bookshelf?

A lot of books, family photographs, a piece of pottery. Books are all different kinds: “Patty Hearst” by Patty Hearst, “Revenge of The Lawn” by Richard Brautigan, “The Pleasures And Sorrows Of Work” by Alain de Botton, “Relief Printing” by Michael Rothenstein, etc, etc.

-If you were a place you would be…

A coffee shop that sells records and free tacos.

-Who is your favorite contemporary illustrator/designer?

This changes day to day. Right now I like Tucker Nichols and Kyle Field and Marcus Oakley.

-Are you a team player or lone wolf?

A lone wolf with a team player in need of a coach.

-Most exciting city for illustration and/or design right now?

There seems to be a lot of exciting things happening all over the place. I mostly see things on the internet.

-What three words would you pick to describe your work?

Present, here, there.

-Milton Glaser once said: “computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking”. Do you agree?

Nope. We all have different ways of working that are comfortable. I think a computer is more like a food processor. It might taste a lit better if all the ingredients were chopped, mixed, and blended by hand, but who wants to wait 3 hours for a smoothie?

-Which record do you wish you could have designed the art work for?

Dadawah’s “Peace and Love” or Mayo Thompson’s “Corky’s Debt to his Father” or Paul Mccartney’s “Mccartney”.

-What can you tell us that we do not already know?

I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that question.

Check out a few of Russell’s illustrations on the link above. To see more pieces by Russell, visit his website HERE.

by Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn
Gloobbi Representative
Images Courtesy of Nathaniel Russell

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