The Reign of the Gallery – Art Paris 2013


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The Reign of the Gallery – Art Paris 2013

It is so often the artistic line chosen by an art gallery which determines the fate of an emerging talent, revitalizes the status of a reputed artist or opens the eyes of the public to the work of creative genius. It was indeed the art gallery that took center stage at the Art Paris Art Fair this past weekend housed in the magnificent Grand Palais, with a maze of 144 galleries from 20 different European countries exhibiting at the event.

The equivalent of Disneyland for contemporary art fans, each gallery flaunted a collection of works from its exhibiting artists ranging from painting to sculpture, installation and design pieces. So many galleries and so much art could be overwhelming. On the contrary, we found the occasion inspiring and a unique snapshot of what is happening on the art scene across Europe. Our pick of the stand-out galleries is below:

Da-End – Paris

Art galleries are a dime a dozen in Paris and representation was expectedly strong at this weekend’s event, but Da-End’s intriguing collection of naturalistic pieces stood out from the rest.

Da-End opened in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 2010, and is described by its owners as somewhere in between a cabinet of curiosities and a secret abode; pushing beyond the boundaries of art in search of the rare, the bizarre and the precious.

The gallery is currently exhibiting a series of British artist Lucy Glendinning’s perfectly formed wax sculptures of feather-covered children, and the specimen on show at Art Paris drew plenty of curious attention.

16th Line – Rostov-sur-le-Don

Russia was this year’s ‘guest of honour’ at Art Paris, meaning Russian galleries gained special representation. 16th Line, located in Russia’s southern region, gained our attention for its funky, dynamic approach.

The gallery’s collection on show at the fair included several alluring canvasses by Irina Grabkova concealing portraits in a sort of ‘magic-eye’ illusion created by a web of colored panels, as well as Masha Bogoraz’s endearing but scary pitbull sculptures.

Formed in 2009, the 16th Line Project was part of the ‘Promesses’ category of young galleries represented at the fair. As well as exhibiting contemporary art the centre offers a public art space, hosts residencies in the summer and even has its own bar and restaurant, with the vision of fostering the Russian contemporary art community.

Galerie Paris-Beijing – Paris, Beijing, Brussels

With locations in Paris, Beijing and Brussels, the Paris-Beijing Gallery is dedicated to representing photographers from the Asian contemporary art scene.

The Gallery’s Brussels space is currently exhibiting camouflage master Liu Bolin’s stunning ‘Hiding in the City’ series, where the artist is photographed after being skilfully painted to melt into the environments he chooses to capture.

Art Paris visitors could also see examples from Yang Yongliang’s fascinating series ‘The Silent Valley’ exhibiting at the Paris Marais gallery. Yongliang’s cameo style photographs of mountainous cityscapes seem to glow as if offering a portal into a real, live fantasy world.

A complete list of the galleries that exhibited at Art Paris 2013 as well as the artists they represent is available HERE.

by Jenny Wylie
Gloobbi Representative
Image above: DA-END Gallery’s exhibition of Lucy Glendinning’s wax sculptures of feather-covered children.

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