Chocolate Dipped Cookies and Cream


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Chocolate Dipped Cookies and Cream

This is possibly the best treat you could put together during the hot months ahead. Think about it, is there anything better than a chocolate dipped cookies and cream ice cream? We got this recipe from our friends over at Chow. Below are their recommendations to put this treat together:

Essentially a blank canvas, vanilla ice cream can take on the flavors of just about anything. Back in the day, mixing in chocolate chips may have been revolutionary, but today throwing in cookie dough, candy bars, or almost any confection is the norm. Mixing creme-filled cookies into vanilla ice cream may seem dull at this point, but forming that mixture into bars and covering them with a snappy chocolate coating is definitely taking it to the next level.

Special equipment: For coating the bars in chocolate, you’ll need a kitchen scale and a chocolate thermometer such as CDN’s.

What to buy: If you prefer to buy rather than make your own ice cream, be sure to get a dense, rich variety. Because higher-quality ice creams contain less air, they freeze into solid, slow-melting blocks that are easier to coat with the melted chocolate. Lower-quality ice creams are fluffed up with air and will melt before the chocolate coating sets. Look for brands labeled premium or super-premium, such as Häagen-Dazs or Double Rainbow.

Professional pastry chefs use a type of chocolate known as couverture, which sets up nicely because it contains more cocoa butter than regular chocolate.

For the full recipe, visit Chow’s website HERE.

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