To Decant or Not to Decant


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To Decant or Not to Decant

The Wall Street Journal has recently developed an article about the benefits, methods and various gadgets to help wine aficionado decant wine. Below we have published part of the piece to help you determine on when you should decant your wine:

For wine lovers, there are many established norms that always seem to provoke heated discussion. Should you serve only white wine with fish? Does wine need to be chilled? And, the classic restaurant tussle, is your wine corked?

But perhaps the most universal flash point is that of decanting. As with all matters vinous, the answer is never straightforward. On one side are the pro-decanters, among whom I count myself, who argue that all wine improves with decanting, while the aesthetic appeal of a shimmering decanter adds to the theater of an evening. Others dispute this, saying decanting can actually deaden the wine’s flavors, losing some of its character.

All wine that will throw sediment should be decanted; this includes red Bordeaux, Rhône, Rioja, vintage Port and heavy grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Also—and this is open to discussion—young wines.

In my experience, exposure to air unfurls the complex layers of flavor in young fine wine. A wine that was tight, closed and rather difficult to taste can, with time in the decanter, transform its personality. The smell changes, becoming replete with ripe fruit; the bitter tannins subside; and the wine opens up, revealing its true character.

For the entire piece, visit the Wall Street Journal HERE.

Courtesy of the WSJ

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