Aperlai F/W13


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Aperlai F/W13

Founded by Alessandra Lanvin in 2009, Aperlai is a luxury accessory line. Their Paris F/W13 showroom was nestled in a cosy suite in the opulent Hotel De Crillon. The new collection focused on shoes, magnificently created and presented. The first collection of shoes we saw were influenced by Gustav Klimt, which could be seen in the laser cut gold designs decorating parts of selected pieces.

Nature was also an obvious influence, with fluid cut lines, organic shapes and patterns of leaves cut into the leather. Lanvin had borrowed from Piet Mondrian in her new collection; geometric block colors decorated five inch heels and boots in a classically elegant manner.

One collection of shoes was even named after the influence, “surrealism.” This collection of shoes featured pointillist details and the exact colors used by famed artists Dali and Picasso during the namesake period.

There was a part of Dali and a piece of Picasso in each shoe. Glistening eyes, brightly colored crystals, and other surrealist symbols reflected an avant-garde side to Lanvin’s designs. An additionally courageous collection stood near this one, called “The Dead Can Dance.” These shoes featured crystal designs of bones in the exact position of the feet bones. Organic, yet daringly sexy, this collection caught the eye of many buyers.

For this season, Lanvin also designed black flat shoe-boots to add versatility to her collection. The boots had a split in the ankle to keep the shoes open and sexy, yet still elegant and sophisticated.

A mixture of textiles were used throughout the new collection. Snakeskin, ponyskin, leather and suede were just some of the colorful materials used. Aperlai sells to many stores worldwide, such as Saks in New York. We predict the sheer elegance of the new line will go down as a treat for buyers everywhere in the world.

by Eliza Horton
Gloobbi Representative

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