Fatima Guerrout and Musette


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Fatima Guerrout and Musette

Champagne glasses tinkled on Thursday evening, February 28th, in celebration of two Autumn Winter 2013 collections at the Musette Paris shop. Accessories designer Cristina Batlan and women’s wear designer Fatima Guerrout displayed pieces with a collective customer in mind: international.

“The woman [we design for],” explained Cristina Batlan, “is a cosmopolitan woman, who looks to fashion, who wants to be different.” Fatima Guerrout agreed, though her inspiration is closer to home. “I’ve lived in Paris my whole life,” she said. “I was inspired by the Parisian woman, from the Parisian style.”

Guerrout developed skills at John Galliano’s fashion house and decided to venture onto her own label in 2000. Her work in couture has made her attention to detail stronger than most. Delicate strands of crystals and layered lace were just some of themes in her latest collection.

When she spoke of the pieces, it was clear she thought of not only individual pieces, but also the whole closet. “You have light dresses for the evening and cashmere sweaters for the day, and tri-colored sweaters,” all created with luxury in mind, she added “I have free-flowing dresses or structured dresses, I design really for a woman’s body, it’s not just for skinny girls, it’s global.”

With that global platform and integration of details in mind, it was clear as to why the two designers chose to showcase together. Cristina Batlan designs can be found in showrooms across Europe, the Middle East and America, but the quantities are limited, about 250 pairs per style.

“We want them to be special,” explained the designer, “with each item, we do the things to be different.” For their Autumn Winter collection, Cristina Batlan found inspiration in “lace and texture and stitching,” citing corsets and men’s dress shoes as some of the muses.

As for the collections, as well as the evening, on a whole, Guerrout said it best, “Energetic.”

by Yasmin Daguilh
Gloobbi Representative based in Paris

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