Happy Socks Going Global


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Happy Socks Going Global

It has been over three years since Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh started Happy Socks, the Rainbow Bright of the socks apparel industry in Sweden. According to the two, their mission is to spread happiness across the globe by turning an everyday item like socks into an inspiring design piece.

Their objective seems to have caught on with a large niche of design conscience enthusiasts who have welcomed their brand in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Happy Socks’ newest collection, entitled Chapter #FOUR, introduces new products like ankles socks and Italian-produced tights. While the company will continue to release its yearly collection, the Chapter #FOUR Collection will consist of one key collection divided into three seasonal debuts matching the appropriate seasons. The seasonal drops will be as follow:

1st Drop August
2nd Drop November
3rd Drop March

Happy Socks are highly anticipated items because of the company’s dedication to creating a fun, lively and quality focused product. Customers have taken noticed of their efforts and appreciate the company’s ethics of using only the best fabrics to provide stronger yet softer combed cotton to make its socks the perfect fit.

Tell and Söderlindh meticulous attention to details and great colorful designs continue to attract a loyal following, so much so that top designers and fashion institutions, like Barneys New York, Be@rbrick and Colette Paris have taken notice and collaborated with the team to further solidify the brand.

You can see the company’s complete collection on their WEBSITE in over 10 languages.

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