Oscar Carvallo F/W 2013 Collection


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Oscar Carvallo F/W 2013 Collection

Oscar Carvallo showed his F/W13 collection in Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week a few weeks ago. He is currently exhibiting his new couture collection in a showroom during Paris Women’s Fashion Week. Pearl and cream filled, the Oscar Carvallo showroom was opulent to every extent. It perfectly matched his new collection “La Femme Poisson.” His new line was inspired completely by the sea, Carvallo stated, “The Sea is always my inspiration.”

Shells, pearls, and beads embroidered silk and satin dresses to enforce lavishness and perfection. Scales were cut into leather bodices to enhance the idea of fish scales and the ocean. Fish prints, lace, and bone-like detailing also enhanced the sense of luxury. Highly detailed sea shell embroidery decorated bodices, jackets and skirts. The colors exhibited were mainly muted creams, whites and beiges, with occasional sea blues and blacks. The collection is sophisticated.

Carvallo said his collection was about “The meeting, the encounter, between the woman and the sea and how she becomes a part of it.” Additionally, in their runway show, all models wore headbands with pristine-white shells hanging from the ends to make them seem like shell earrings or hair.

The couture, bridal wear, and accessories were all strikingly elegant, intricate and exquisite. All of Carvallo’s pieces are handmade “pieces of art,” perfectly formed and manifested.

by Eliza Horton
Gloobbi Representative

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