Top Ten Nordic Cities


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Top Ten Nordic Cities

With long freezing winters, short cool summers and overwhelmingly-beautiful landscapes, the remote and thinly populated Nordic regions have climbed their way to the top ranks for most livable cities in the world. Known for their high quality of life and “happy” populations, it was the Nordic countries that topped the chart in the UN’s first Global Happiness report in 2012.

Few other regions can boast such stable economies, social equality, low crime rates and welfare systems that guarantee to carry you from cradle to grave. Even now with the ever problematic financial crisis that has rocked so many other Mediterranean countries, the quiet and stable economic progression of the Nordic countries persists.

Of course, all countries have their drawbacks, and it is surprising to learn that despite being labelled as the happiest people on Earth, they also have one of the highest suicide rates. Speculations on the region’s long dark winters and sometimes isolated rural areas give reason to caution the harsher side of some Nordic countries. As a guide to better living, Gloobbi has gone through extensive research in the fields of social, political and financial studies to rank the top ten most livable cities in the region.

We compiled each city in the slideshow on the link above, with an explanation for why each location is featured on our top ten spot.

by Nadia Alexandrou
Gloobbi Representative

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