A Very Meryl Christmas


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A Very Meryl Christmas

The US is set to have a very Meryl Streep Christmas, which will follow a very Meryl Streep 2009. Christmas Day sees the debut of Ms Streep’s newest offering, It’s Complicated, which also stars Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Streep plays Jane, a woman who is more or less happily divorced from Jake (Alec Baldwin), and is cautiously embracing love again, in a new relationship with her architect Adam (Steve Martin).

Jane finds herself in quite the state of confusion, when her now remarried ex-husband declares his love for her, they begin an affair, and she finds herself in the role of the other woman.

Understandably, the whole thing is very… complicated. Already this year we’ve seen Streep utterly transform herself in Julie & Julia, as well as lend her voice to the animated version of the Roald Dahl classic, The Fantastic Mr Fox.

There are few actresses who are as critically and commercially successful as Streep. At 15 nominations, Streep’s record for the most Oscar bids is unlikely to be broken anytime soon (she’s won twice) and at 60, is still one of the biggest female box office attractions in Hollywood. Mamma Mia, Streep’s 2008 movie musical version of the hit stage play based on the songs of Abba, still holds the record for the highest ever grossing film in the UK.

Ms. Streep appears to be quite the workaholic, and 2010 will see her appearing in The Ice at the Bottom of the World alongside fellow Oscar winner Charlize Theron, and then there’s also the rumoured sequel to Mamma Mia. Fortunately Abba has quite an extensive back catalogue…

by Oliver Johnston
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