1960 Plymouth XNR Сoncept Car


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1960 Plymouth XNR Сoncept Car

Each year, Monterey, California plays host to some of the rarest sheetmetal on the planet. This year, the RM Auctions will offer the one-off 1960 Plymouth XNR concept, Chrysler’s proposed answer to the Corvette.

The concept was penned by automotive designer Virgil Exner Sr., who lent the phonetics of his last name to the car after Ford took the original Falcon moniker.

The radical XNR was built on a modified Plymouth Valiant chassis and given an asymmetrical styling treatment. The driver-side hood got a long, bulging scoop that flowed into a small curved windshield. The passenger seat rider had to make do with only a flat, upright piece of glass to deflect wind.

The driver-centric theme continued with an offset fin in the back, which was met with a horizontal chrome bar in the rear to form a unique, lopsided cross shape. Exner was influenced by the Indy racers of the day, and also drew inspiration from sports car racers like the Jaguar D-Type – a fact that’s immediately apparent in the XNR’s asymmetrical fin design.

For power, the XNR employed a Valiant-sourced 2.8-liter slant-six modified to NASCAR specifications – good for 250 hp and 208 lb-ft of torque.

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