Intimacy 2.0


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Intimacy 2.0

What happens when the clothes you wear communicate how you are feeling? A Dutch artist and innovator, Daan Roosegaarde, plays with this question for his project titled, Intimacy 2.0. Intimacy explores the relationship between technology, fashion and human emotion.

The haute couture garments used in the project are made from a smart material composed of e-foils that change in direction on a microscopic level when connected with the heartbeat of the model. The more excited the model is, the more transparent the dress becomes.

This transformation allows for a new way to communicate and a new form of seduction. The project forces us to ask, what does intimacy mean in this over digitalized world we live in? With the series of Intimacy 3.0 currently being developed by a team of Dutch fashion designers, the new line of wearable tech-fashion is expected to be seen on the red carpet in the coming years.

In a TEDx speech, Roosegaarde explains how his various projects explore the relationship between people and technology. Roosegaarde believes that, “We live in a world that is shifting from the analogue to the digital, in which technology is playing a huge part in how we interact, how we communicate, and how we experience reality.”

A demonstration of this concept is to consider the differences between the ways in which children play today compared with children growing up 30 years ago. The comparison clearly demonstrates the magnitude of change that has transpired due do technological advances.

Roosegaarde develops work and is inspired by the question of how we can use technology to create innovative and interactive landscapes of the future. He wants to create environments that are not static, but that can interact with humans. He is doing this by looking at the technology we use everyday in a new light and forcing humans to relate to it differently.

In 2007, Roosegaarde founded the social design lab, Studio Roosegaarde, where a team of designers and engineers produce highly innovative technological advances. Roosegaarde is also a leader of the collective artistic movement known as New Dutch Digital Design.

The movement explores the boundaries between humans and cyberspace, establishing the connection between ideology and technology, resulting in what Roosegaarde calls, “techno-poetry.”

Primarily being concerned with sustainability, aesthetics, and the idea of creating a new nature, Roosegaarde wants to merge realities; those of fantasy and pragmatism, innovation and experience, and the beauty and banal. He believes that we should explore this new technological world by going outside in search of new adventures in order to ‘update’ reality.

CLICK ON THE LINK HERE to watch a video of how the e-dress works. For more information on Roosegaarde’s developments, visit his site HERE.

by Alora Tishok
Gloobbi Representative based in Paris

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