Top Ten Most Influential Tech Bloggers


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Top Ten Most Influential Tech Bloggers

We put together a list of the Top Ten Most Influential Tech Bloggers in the industry to give you an overall look at who is shaping the opinions and the key driving force in the technology world. Below is the list, in no particular order. In the link to the left you will find all the images of each person on our list.

1. Robert Scoble
Best known for his blog Scobleizer, Scoble has a thirst for reporting on the latest technological innovations. Scoble has a background working for Microsoft and as a key member of the Channel 9 Team. He now writes about world-changing technologies and seeks to help promote promising startups with his work being done at Rackspace Hosting.

2. Michael Arrington
Straight out of the Silicon Valley comes the creator of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington. TechCrunch is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful blogs, focusing on tech start-ups and giving an inside scoop on which ones will succeed, like Youtube and Facebook. Arrington’s opinions are well respected in the industry and he is never one to scare away from controversy.

3. Henry Blodget
The CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider, one of the fastest growing businesses and tech news sites in the world, Blodget was formerly an equity research analyst and was first recognized for his prediction that Amazon’s stock price would hit a pre-split price of $400, which it did a month later. Blodget is a part time investor, tech blogger and leading editor.

4. MG Siegler
Siegler is a general partner at TechCrunch and has been a columnist there since 2009. Before TechCrunch, Siegler was working for VentureBeat, but now he mainly writes about Apple products, has created his personal blog ParisLemon, tweets like its his job, and amuses himself by writing movie reviews in haiku.

5. Pete Cashmore
Cashmore is the CEO and founder of Created in 2005, Mashable has risen to be one of the world’s most profitable blogs and serves over 10 million monthly unique readers. Cashmore writes a weekly column on technology and social media and has made Time Magazine’s list of the top 100 most influential people.

6. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Zanten labels himself as a serial Internet entrepreneur, blogger and speaker. This big time player is responsible for projects and companies including HubHop, The Next Web Conference, and to name a few. Being one of the founders of The Next Web, which consistently ranks among the top 15 most influential blogs and receives 6 million page views monthly, Zanten has a clear grip on the tech industry.

7. Mike Masnick
Founder and CEO of Techdirt and Floor64, as well as a contributor to Business Week’s Business Exchange, Masnick frequently writes about changes in government policy, technology and legal issues that affect companies’ ability to innovate and grow. Masnick founded Techdirt in 1997; the site remains consistently on the Technorati Technology Top 100.

8. Larry Dignan
Dignan has been writing articles about the tech industry since 1995 for companies such as WallStreetWeek, Inter@ctiveWeek, The New York Times, and Financial Planning magazine. Currently Dignan is Editor-in-Chief of ZDNet and SmartPlanet. Dignan focuses on blogging about business and technology, delivering daily news and analysis of vital enterprise trends.

9. Om Malik
Founder of GigaOm, Malik is a well-respected web and technology writer who has been publishing article for more than 20 years. With a background as one of the members of the founding team of, Malik has also contributed articles to The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and MIT Technology Review. Founded in 2006, GigaOm has grown from one writer into a full-blown company reporting on the intersection of business and technology.

10. Eric Savitz
Currently a contributor to, Savitz has been writing about the tech industry and investing for more than 25 years. With a long history at Barron’s writing for the popular Tech Trader Daily, Savitz is now the San Francisco Bureau Chief of Forbes.

by Alora Tishok
Gloobbi Representative

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