Zai For Bentley: Handmade Skis


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Zai For Bentley: Handmade Skis

The Geneva Motor Show, which ended last weekend, saw Swiss ski manufacturing company zai launch the result of another collaboration with iconic luxury car brand Bentley(their first being in 2011); limited edition hand crafted skis.

Hand crafted skis are becoming a luxurious staple accessory for any seasoned pro out on the slopes and with Bentley deciding to tap into this design market, ‘luxurious’ has been pushed to the absolute limit with the two companies – who share common interests in innovation, perfectionism, craftsmanship as well as a shared passion for speed and performance – creating the ‘ultimate’ set of skis.

The Bentley-zai partnership will only be selling a grand total of 100 pairs of these limited edition goods. They feature signature Bentley emblems, such as the “Flying B,” and are available in either snow white or Bentley Green.

Each pair requires more than 30 hours of hard labor by a team of highly skilled workers who carry out the process of producing the skis in the state-of-the-art zai studio, located in the Swiss Alpine town of Disentis. The team use unique materials so as to ensure both high-quality and exclusivity.

These materials include a natural rubber, surface which provides scratch-resistance improved dampening (which alone costs the same as some professional racing skis) and a stainless steel edge, which protects against impact and corrosion and can be reworked to restore the skis to their original pristine condition.

Other incredibly innovative materials were also used, like the light but undeniably strong bonded cedar wood core and the heat-cured unidirectional carbon fibers which are layered in 9 directions for an optimal dynamic flow.

The skis come with an exclusive soft leather and neoprene ski bag and carbon ski poles, which boast being among the lightest in the world, with stitched leather grips and Bentley ‘B’ logos and are available for purchase HERE.

While some of you may worry about something horrible happening to these truly magnificent skis, it is worth noting that the skis come with a 2 year warranty as well as one year’s free insurance, so if you enjoy skiing in style then these are the pairs for you.

by Natassja Cole
Gloobbi Representative

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