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Top Ten Design Hotels

We put together a Top Ten list of our favorite contemporary hotels around the world as a go to list for some of the most stylish places to hang your hat, or your Manolo Blahnik, for the night. Below is the list in no particular order. See all of images on the link to the left.

1. The Conservatorium – Amsterdam

Combining 19th century architecture with contemporary design, the Conservatorium provides a modern luxury experience in the heart of Historical Amsterdam. Designed by Italian Architect Pierro Lissoni, the hotel focuses on bringing together modern spaces, with traditional accents reminiscent of the extravagance and luxury of the past.

2. The W Hotel – Seoul

Set on 180 acres of parkland, overlooking the Han river, the W hotel in Seoul showcases forward thinking design, while maintaining maximum comfort and functionality. Unique amenities such as the “Whatever/Whenever Service,” in which the policy states that guests are granted “Whatever they want. Whenever they want it (as long as it is legal), stating examples such as a bathtub of Hot Chocolate or a soju tasting party in your hotel suite. With 27 new unique hotels opening worldwide in the next two years, the W brand is set to spread its modern design ideas to all corners of the globe.

3. The Upperhouse – Hong Kong

Showcasing some of Asia’s finest design and architectural talent, the resplendent Upperhouse hotel provides the ultimate luxury. With careful attention to detail and up-to-the-minute service techniques, such as the in-house iPods that are given out upon arrival in place of the usual information booklets (with a collection of music and games). Inside and outside are perfectly combined, with modern wood furniture and natural hues fitting in perfectly with the sprawling gardens.

4. The Pantone Hotel – Brussels

Created by the American color technology giant ‘Pantone,’ this hotel reflects the key ideas of the brand, and is thus naturally based entirely on the relationship between color and design. Each floor presents a signature hue, and guest are given the opportunity to choose their color scheme dependent on the purpose of their stay, “from vivid to subdued, for business or leisure.” The décor is immaculate, with every corner of the interior carefully considered to create a beautiful, contemporary mood throughout.

5. Das Stue – Berlin

Open since December 2012, the innovative Das Stue has caused a stir in the design hotel world; pulling in prestigious designers and architects such as Patricia Urquiola to create a hub of “quality, heritage, and contemporary architecture.” The hotel presents a stunning display of retro furniture design, along with modern twists on old items; for example eating under the copper light sculpture in the “open kitchen” eating area beautifully mixes the old and the new.

6. B4 Hotel – Milan

Step into the future in this cutting edge design haven which provides a space-like feel, without losing out on comfort. Based on the idea of “regeneration,” the hotel is at the forefront of modern design, featuring ergonomic and hi-tech features to enhance your stay, including the one-of-a-kind Spa, which is the largest spa in Milan, and designed exclusively by Simone Michell.

7. Hihotel – Nice

A vibrant, clean-cut and sleek hotel in the center of Nice, this Hihotel presents simple yet stylish interior, making the most of every inch of space to provide maximum comfort, and maximum flair. Each room has a different concept, with examples such as “Techno Corner,” in which the pivoting television can be viewed from all aspects of the room, and the “sofablaster” couch holds a set of speakers and the armrest provides a built in music-selector.

8. The Mira – Hong Kong

Providing a versatile urban retreat in the Tsimshatsui area, the Mira hotel showcases breathtaking design, with elegant and elaborate contemporary art and interior architecture throughout. Suitable for business and for leisure, this hotel is a fore-runner in Hong Kong’s five-star hotel scene; with five exquisite eateries, a futuristic spa, and even a beauty salon that can be privately booked to suit your needs.

9. Blow Up Hall 5050 – Poznan

Self-described as “an interactive work of art,” the Blow Up Hall 5050 is certainly the most technologically avant-garde hotel in this list. On entering the hotel, instead of standing at a reception desk, you are given an iPhone and sent to your room, which will open once you are within close enough proximity, thanks to IT recognition technology. And if this does not impress you, the amazing design of the interior is set to inspire.

10. 21c Museum Hotel – Louisville

We know Kentucky has been given a bad wrap, with that infamous fast food chain, but the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville is doing everything in its power to bring design-conscience accommodations and ultimately high-end culture to city. The 21c Hotel is a 90-room boutique space, with an award winning restaurant and a contemporary museum featuring the works of artists like Luis Gispert, and his latest exhibition from his Decepción series entitled “Consuming Cultures: A Global View.” The whole atmosphere of the place will have you questioning if you really are in Louisville, or some niche location in London, or New York.

by Lucy Maguire
Gloobbi Representative based in Paris

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